Fast Response Time - 24/7 Emergency Service - On-Site / Off-Site


The expertise of our trained technicians means that repair or service downtime is kept to a minimum, with their focus being kept on getting your crane back on the job in peak operating condition in a timely fashion. We offer repairs at your site such as hose replacement and minor repairs. For major repairs they can be done at our facility, repairs include hydraulic repair, hose replacement, cylinder repair, PTO repair, pump repairs, electrical repairs, brakes, suspension and steering overhaul, as well as other services.


Discover how our scheduled maintenance programs can help reduce repair costs. Scheduled maintenance also improves the over-all condition of your equipment; thus extending the life and dependability of your machine, thus reducing downtime.. Once each scheduled maintenance call is complete you will receive a report from our technician showing what was checked, what service was done and any repairs that are recommended. Any recommended repair work is only done if and when you authorize it. Scheduled maintenance intervals are based on your environment and usage. Talk to one of our customer service representatives today to set up an appointment.

We understand that response times are vital to your success and that getting your business back up and running is the priority. That’s why we provide two-hour response times for emergency breakdowns during regular business hours and 24/7 service after hours. And to ensure that you also get great value, our travel and service rates are among the most competitive in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.


The Ministry of Labour + CSA Guidelines state that all lifting devices require a minimum of one annual safety inspection, as well as a 10 year structural inspection called NDT. If you are enrolled in our scheduled maintenance program we will co-ordinate the scheduling of the annual inspection and ensure that these vital inspections are completed as required on time.